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With all our products the necessary certification is provided in order to meet different technical specifications required by the law and by our customers. The raw material is, according to the needs and specifications, certified 3.1, NACE MR0 01-03 and 01-75 or NORSOK M-630 and its origin is reported through mechanical marking (steel casting). The weldings are made according to the regulations ASME, PED and Norsok for materials in A105, AISI 304, AISI 316, DUPLEX, SUPERDPLEX, 6mo, Monel 400. All non-destructive testing (Dye penetrant inspection, X-Ray Inspection, Positive Material Identification, Ferrite Detection, Hydrotest and air test) as well as for all the finishing processes (Pickling and passivation, painting, blasting, galvanizing, Tropicalisation, etc ...) certificates are given.

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