Our flexibility and experience has led us to specialize over time in various productions, both in series and on order. In particular we produce atmospheric pressure tanks, pipes, chambers from vacuum, skid, gas panel, finned tube, plate, coaxial, heat exchangers oil loading and unloading systems for plants, tanks, gas containers,
general carpentry.
Our systems are tested with non-destructive checks based on to customer requests.
Inhouse hydrostatic tests are performed up to 1000 bar with certified pressure gauges and penetrating liquids through one of our qualified employee.
Our welders are qualified by a certified inspection authority and our employee are provided with licenses for the assembly of fittings compression Parker, Hoke, Swagelok and Ham-Let.
We use qualified suppliers for non-destructive checks such as RX, PMI, Ferrite.
We also have qualified facilities for our historic suppliers tropicalization, pickling and passivation, polishing,sandblasting and painting both liquid and powder.
Our systems are supplied with a summary book of materials used (3.1 certificates), non-destructive testing and welding map too.
We also follow the final part of packaging and shipping.